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I'm Rachael Hartless LMT, Owner and Sole Practicioner of Lakelady Therapeutics. I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist for almost 6 years now, and a Certified Yoga Teacher for over 10. It is my goal to help people find the healing bodywork they need and the tools to maintain their bodies for optimum performance and health. 

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My Story

Because I am so passionate about my work people always ask how I got into Massage Therapy and I assume they must truthfully be wondering, "How does she find so much joy in working out other's knots, aches and pains?!"

The simple truth is, I want people to feel good. I personally want to feel good and I usually do when those around me do as well. I believe families and communities thrive when there is a holistic balance between being active and taking the time to relax and maintain. 

Usually, we don't even notice when a muscle group has been working so hard that it has actually become a point of tension in our body. My mission is to use my long-time knowledge and constant learning of anatomy paired with my intuitive gift of reading people to create an oasis for my clients to be able to relax and continuously enhance their overall well-being.


Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or find me on social media!

phone:  434-941-3588

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